Top 10 Reasons to Join AMOA

Reason #1: Save Money - on admission to AAMA-AMOA's Amusement Expo... through discounts such as the CD jukebox license through the Jukebox License Office and special offers made by member manufacturers/suppliers such as Stern Pinball ... via products such as the AMOA Membership Directory... and from input provided by third party program partners, such as Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants.

Reason #2: Get Smart - by attending AMOA's seminar series during Expo... at the industry-specific On Campus program, as well as the annual AMOA on the Road education program.

Reason #3: Support Your State - AMOA works closely with industry state organizations via sponsorship of the annual State Council Meeting and a yearly State Association Rebate Program.

Reason #4: Promote/Protect Your Business - Whether it's proposed changes to coin content, music licensing or the myriad of laws/regulations affecting small businesses, AMOA, through its Legislative Advocacy program, watches over the industry's vital interests. 

Reason #5: Gain Access to Marketing Opportunities - such as the AMOA-National Dart Association (NDA) Alliance. Nearly 225 NDA members (who must first be dues-paying members of AMOA to qualify for NDA membership) sponsor more than 40,000 sanctioned players worldwide at NDA-conducted tournaments.

Reason #6: Network With your Peers - AMOA members just like you. They face the same challenges; they are constantly searching for new ideas; and many share your passion about the business. But each has a unique perspective... a different approach... a fresh angle on ways to be successful. You can benefit greatly by the company you keep -- and you'll be in great company as an AMOA member.

Reason #7: Stay in Touch - the weekly e-newsletter Off-the-Top keeps members informed on association news and industry trends. Our newly re-designed web site - - offers an expanded resource of information about AMOA and the coin-op marketplace. AMOA's social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube provides up-to-the-minute updates every day.

Reason #8: Investing in Our Future - Through the Wayne E. Hesch Scholarship Program (part of AMOA's Coin-Op Cares Education & Charitable Foundation), up to 50 college students (one from each state) are awarded $1,000 scholarships annually.

Reason #9: Be a Leader - It's no coincidence the industry's best companies are members of AMOA. And, that many of their executives are actively volunteering their time and talents to enhance the association and the industry. AMOA always has room for dedicated leaders.. should you be one of them?

Reason #10: Improve Your Bottom Line - This is the key criteria for any business decision - a trade association should be no different. Discover AMOA's tangible and intangible member benefits that will bring value to your operation.