Amusement Expo International 2019 Seminars

Keynote Session

“The Irresistible Power of Strategic Storytelling”

Kindra Hall, President and Chief Strategy Officer at Stellar Collective


16 Breakout Sessions to Include:

Operator Round Tables
Tuesday, March 26 – Round #1 – 9:45 to 10:45 a.m.
                                       Round #2 – 2:45 to 3:45 p.m.

Session Description:  Operator round tables are back, and WE HEARD YOU!  This year’s round tables will be conducted twice, once in the morning and again in the afternoon, offering you the opportunity to participate in every round table discussion.

Topic #1 – Crane Mixes
Tips and trends for making the most with crane mixes.
          Table Captain: Tim Turnquist, National Entertainment Network 

Topic #2 – What’s Hot
Learn what new opportunities are popping up across the country.
          Table Captain: Tim Zahn, American Amusement Arcade

Topic #3 – Alternative Business Models
Explore traditional and non-traditional business models.
          Table Captain: Sam Westgate, J & J Ventures

Topic #4 – Employee Incentive/Retention Programs
Adding employee incentive/retention programs to retain millennials/Gen Z.
          Table Captain: Luke Adams, Pioneer Vending

Topic #5 – Maximizing Leagues in Today’s Market
Take advantage of league opportunities in today’s market whether you’re a league veteran or newbie.
          Table Captain: TBD

Topic #6 – Transitioning to Cashless
Explore making the transition to cashless from an operator’s perspective.
          Table Captain: Tom Graham, Games Unlimited


“Top Tips for Optimum Connectivity in Your Locations”

Panelists:  Mike Gannon, Arachnid 360; Broderick Norkus, AMI Entertainment; Rick Hirschman, Touch Tunes; Randy Cesco, Venco Business Solutions      

Session Description:  No two locations are alike when it comes to networking equipment within each one’s unique footprint.   This year we’ve brought together a panel of technology experts from the manufacturing/supplier segment of the industry to address all things “connectivity”.  This highly informative session will address:  working with wired and wireless networks; network setup; speaker installation and placement; examine sample scenarios including locations with separate rooms and/or multiple levels.


“Integrating Cashless/Card-Stored Systems for Results in Small Footprint Locations”

Panelists:  Frank Licausi, Amusement Connect; Matthew Harrison, Embed; Leanne Price, Heartland Payment Systems; Bill Allen, Intercard

Session Description:  With technology continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, the opportunity for small footprint locations to utilize cashless/card-stored systems has never been easier or more cost-effective than it is today.  During this session, a panel of industry experts will share the benefits and value a cashless/card-stored system can bring to your business and your customers.  You will also gain a thorough understanding of what it takes to integrate this technology into your small footprint locations.


“ATMs 2019:  Industry Update + Taking Advantage of Mobile Events”

Panelists:  Michael Guthrie, Cypress Advantage; Simon Wold, Payment Alliance International; Phil Webb, PDQ Merchant Enterprises; Chris Hale, Venco Business Solutions

Session Description:  Our panel of ATM experts are back to provide an overview of what you need to know for 2019 when it comes to opportunities, challenges and trends.  The panel will also take an up-close look at the steps involved to successfully execute mobile events. 


“Developing Cause-Related Leagues and Tournaments”

Moderator:  Jim Piontek, Encompass Vending
Presenters: TBD, NDA; Greg Trent, Beyer & Brown and AMOA

Session Description:  Learn how cause-related leagues and tournaments can create an additional source of revenue for your business.  During this session you’ll hear from two operators, one who has successfully created a cause-related dart league program and another who has created successful pool tournaments for a worthy cause.  In addition to creating added revenue through these programs, both have generated positive PR while at the same time gaining recognition for giving back to the community for their philanthropic efforts.   


“Discover Opportunity in Unattended Inline Spaces”

Panelists:  Jerry Johnston, Amusement Unlimited; Chip O’Hara, Midwest Coin Concepts; Tim Zahn, American Amusement Arcade

Session Description:  There’s opportunity to generate additional revenue with unattended inline spaces.  During this breakout session, a panel of seasoned operators will delve into a variety of location types where they have created these unattended spaces which have resulted in strong customer engagement and positive ROI.


Make Bulk Vending a High Earner on Your Route”

Moderator: Moderator:  Scott John, Amuse-O-Matic
Presenter:  Russ Minter, Stick With Us Amusements

Session Description:  When looking for ways to make a significant impact on the profitability of your route, one often overlooked segment is bulk vending.  For route operators, bulk vending requires a relatively low initial investment yet offers a higher ROI than other revenue streams on the route, and if executed properly, has the potential to earn as much as other segments such as self-redemption.  In this session you’ll learn how one veteran route operator uses seven steps in making bulk vending a high earner on his route.  A couple of industry suppliers will be on hand to answer any questions during the Q and A portion as well.


AEI Education Day registration also includes:

Networking Luncheon

Closing General Session
          “Key Strategies for building recurring business by leveraging the nuances of Millennials and Gen Z”
           Presenter:  Tyler Bushnell, Founder, Polycade

Access to Virtual Reality Education Sessions

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