Get Involved - AMOA Legislative Actions

As you are likely aware, Congress is currently embroiled in a partisan battle on whether or not to do a Phase IV COVID relief bill along with what should be included.

AMOA’s Legislative Team has been doing outreach to our champions on the Hill to let them know the stress of this gridlock, and especially the needs of our industry, but now we need your help.

While Congress is back at home waiting on an agreement, now is an opportune time to reach out to your local Representative and Senator. Tell them that we need their support and share the impact this legislative impasse is having on your local business.

When relaying your message remember to tell them who you are, where you are located and how your small business is being impacted.

Here is a link to find a list of your local representatives.

House of Representatives You can call and leave a message for the Congressperson or send an email to the address listed in the Contact Me section of their website.


Let’s put pressure on our local representatives before the 117th United States Congress convenes on January 3, 2021 and tell them we cannot wait for Congress to continue its gridlock through the New Year, we want action now!