AMOA Regional Tech School

January 25-26, 2023 | Spring Hill Suite by Marriott - Downey, CA

Jukebox Tech Sessions

Presenter:  TouchTunes

  • Best Practices in Jukebox Installs
    • Quality Wiring Speaker and Network

  • Speaker Placement and Coverage
    • Mono vs. Stereo
    • Speaker Coverage Area
    • Subwoofers
  • Equalizing Everything Out
    • DBSpl Meter
    • Multi-Zone
  • Troubleshooting/What to Look For
    • Audio
      • Ground Loops and isolators
      • Speaker and wiring and impedance
      • Verify Audio Cat5’s
      • Hard drive age

Presenter:  AMI Entertainment

  • Speaker Installation
  • Equalizing Everything Out
  • Setting Up Network WiFi
  • Troubleshooting/What To Look For
  • Setting Connectivity to Promo Features
  • Music Filters

Crane Tech Session

 Presenter:  TBA

  • Setting to right price/voltage, setting to pay right amount
  • How to String a Claw
  • Checking Wires for Breaks
  • Troubleshooting/Common Issues
  • Mechanical Function and Alignment of motor and gears

Payment Systems Tech Session

Presenter:  TBA

  • Reading Pulse
  • Setting Up Room/Finding 12 Volts
  • WiFi Setup
  • Kiosk Setup
  • Backend Setup
  • Troubleshooting/Common Issues

Pinball Tech Session

Presenter:  TBA

  • Testing Coils
  • Flippers
  • Wires Not Connected
  • Noteboards – Uploading software for different boards
  • How to Adjust Gamefield to Make it Harder or Easier
  • How to Look for Wearing Parts
  • Troubleshooting/Common Issues

ATM Tech Sessions

Presenter:  Venco Business Solutions