Save the Rack Program

AMOA's newest promotion, titled "Coin-Op Cares - Save the Rack," is part of a campaign organized by AMOA and Championship Billiards to utilize the efforts of AMOA's vast operator network to raise funds for breast cancer awareness save the rack pool tableefforts by developing a "pink pool table" kit that provides unique promotional partnership with locations and offers a tremendous opportunity for operators to show their community involvement.  

By using the turnkey kit, and the promotional materials here, we are confident you, as an operator, will:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to and value in your community

  • Connect your company to an incredibly worthwhile cause

  • Show your company’s leadership and creativity in conducting a special program(s) in support of a local charitable organization

  • Help create excitement in your location(s) and with your players

It includes:

  • A bed cloth with embroidered rail that reads: “Coin-Op Cares: Saving the Rack”
  • A HIS breast cancer logo’ed pink magnetic cue ball. HIS is an organization that builds awareness that men can get breast cancer, too.
  • A pink bridge head
  • Pink chalk
  • Pink spots
  • A 15-ball pink triangle

Also enclosed are promotional materials featuring:

  • An ad to use in local media
  • A sample poster to use in locations
  • A sample press release to promote to local media outlets
  • A checklist on ways to maximize effectiveness of your promotion program

Two types of kits are available: the full "pink pool table" kit highlighted above and a rails kit.

Developed by the AMOA Membership/Marketing Committee as part of its "Look Who's Making a Difference" campaign.

Please click here for pricing and an order form for the full Save the Rack pink pool table kit

Please click here for pricing and an order form for just the Save the Rack rails kit

For more information, contact Maggie Kapinos at (800) 937-2662.

Order now and plan your promotions!

save the rack cue ball