In addition to being recognized as the voice of the industry by both the trade and consumer press, AMOA keeps members "networked" through a variety of communication vehicles...


Membership Directory

Published annually, this invaluable reference tool for networking includes the names, addresses and phone numbers of all AMOA members. It also includes detailed listings on AMOA committees, officers, directors, state association contacts and staff.

The Directory is published and distributed to all members in June. 




Off-the-Top: Online Report

Off-the-Top is a monthly online report that is sent via email to subscribers. The report highlights AMOA news, activities and announcements. It keeps you current on the latest AMOA happenings and the coin-op industry!


The AMOA Web Site and through Social Media platforms

To keep members updated on everything, AMOA established a comprehensive web site that is evolving on a daily basis.

AMOA also has a presence on four social media platforms:               Follow us today for all the latest news!


Trade Publications

We support the efforts of our fine industry trade press - RePlay Magazine, Amusement Resource Connection, and Vending Times - each of which often serve as a resource to AMOA and its members.