Cleaning and Sanitizing Resources for Currency-Activated Machines

Perception is reality, and it is more important now, than ever before, for operators to highlight the cleaning and sanitization of their equipment.

AMOA has created the following tools to assist you in relaying that message to your customers and players, letting them know their safety is top of mind.

Safety Stickers

The Safety Sticker was developed for use on machines based upon the cleaning and sanitizing guidelines for currency-activated machines highlighted in the brochure (see "Cleaning and Sanitization Guidelines" below).

Sticker cost:

5 x 5 inches:

  • AMOA members pay $0.25 per sticker
  • Non-Members pay $0.50 per sticker.

3 x 3 inches:

  • AMOA members pay $0.20 per sticker;
  • Non-Members pay $0.40 per sticker.

NOTE: Currently, stickers are only available for purchase online. If you prefer to print your own stickers, print-ready artwork is available to download by clicking the link below.

Click Here to Order Stickers from AMOA
Click Here to Download Print-Ready Sticker Artwork

Safety Posters

To help facilitate and get the message out, AMOA has also created a poster for use in your locations. The downloadable artwork below can be taken to a local print shop or online printing resource for processing. Note: There are three versions and three sizes. One provides the space where you can add your company logo and the other is generic for those who prefer no logo.

8.5 X 11 Flyer - With Logo Space
8.5 x 11 Flyer -  No Logo
24 x 36 Poster - With Logo Space
24 x 36 Poster - No Logo
5 x 7 Tent Card - With Logo Space
5 x 7 Tent Card - No Logo


Cleaning and Sanitizing Guidelines

AMOA has created a tandem brochure outlining cleaning and sanitizing guidelines based upon the CDC’s recommendations for cleaning high touch point areas on machines. This brochure can be used when speaking with your locations in addition to state and local authorities letting them know your player’s safety is top of mind.

Click Here to Download Brochure