Nicki Nicole


At just 18 years old, Nicki Nicole burst onto the scene when she released “Wapo Traketero”, her first song. In just 6 months Nicki began breaking records. Shortly after, Music Session # 13 with Bizarrap climbed the top charts in just hours, ranking # 1 in Argentina’s Top 50 on Spo- tify and ranking within the 50 most listened to songs in the world. Nicki’s hit “Ella No Es Tuya – Remix” alongside Myke Towers and Rochy RD was recently featured on former president Barack Obama’s “Summer Playlist 2021”, and she is set to release her NPR Tiny Desk performance on October 13.

Nicki is a versatile and authentic artist, with a unique voice whose originality, flow, charisma, and composition skills make her a star. Nicki Nicole released her debut album “Recuerdos” con- sisting of 11 songs, including “Como Dímelo” stand out along with Cazzu; “Shorty” with Duki; and “Plegarias”, a new collaboration with Bizarrap, within an album that ex- plores different genres such as Trap, R&B and Pop (“Diva”, the focus track, is a great example of this). After the release, the 9 previously unreleased songs from Recuerdos ranked in the Top 200 in Argentina.