Kid Flex


 With a very different concept, Kid Flex has set a trend in digital platforms since its first launch on YouTube. Composer, musician, and producer but beyond that human. This artist doesn't show his face, because he wants to be the voice of a community that is perhaps not so heard. Through music, he tells his stories and his feelings, but he wants to transcend. Kid FLEX wants to publicize topics that are not so frequent in the industry, bringing to the table the idea that "Everyone is KID." His public image is a television, where he projects his community. He doesn't reveal his identity because he prefers to be a symbol to be just a person.

The kid has been involved in music since he was a child. At just 7 years old, he received piano lessons but he didn't like it. So later on, he dabbled in the bass and on the guitar. He has been a part of music recordings; he recorded the guitars for the group M2H and produced an urban music group. He is a discreet and a bit shy young man, but with great artistic potential. He assures that the world moves for love and that is what that he wants to reflect in his project.