Mystique is rare in the artistry of today’s talent, but for recording artist Jenevieve, it’s ingrained in her being. The 23-year-old wunderkind brings a much needed authenticity to music with her sound, complete with all of the makings of a future star. With her breakout single “Baby Powder,” she smoothly and seductively sings about a love that’s drying out. It’s that combination of slick wordplay and intoxicating vocals that proves how Jenevieve is destined for great things. Born in Pembroke Pines, Florida, Jenevieve’s first relationship with music came from the Cuban side of her family further South in Miami. “Being around my grandmother, I was exposed to a lot of music when I was young,” she recalls. By the age of three, she was already dancing in her grandmother’s ballet studio, as her mother was also a world-travelling ballerina. Jenevieve learned all facets of dance—from the aforementioned ballet, to tap, lyrical, jazz, hip-hop, and flamenco. Music was her constant, though it manifested itself in different ways. “I was a very weird child,” the young artist says with a laugh, “but very, very artistic and definitely had a love for movies and their soundtracks. I was always singing and dancing.” By seven, her family moved to Los Angeles, where Jenevieve traded in her ballet shoes for poetry notebooks. Poetry classes helped her hone her gift of words, while singing in the church choir at nine brought her the confidence to sing.

Jenevieve spent her childhood summers still in Miami, where she would take intensive dance courses during those months. “I stopped taking those classes at around 13 when I really got into music,” she adds, as that was the age that she started actively recording. Over the years, music became her outlet, where she poured her thoughts while simultaneously cultivating her sound. At 21, Jenevieve connected with her family friend, song-writer/producer Jean Benz and it was clear that there was musical synergy. The two crafted her first song “Medallion,” which was met with critical acclaim, though “Baby Powder” sealed the deal. “That was the song that really hit,” she expresses. “It literally took off right as the lockdown was put into place.” The songs were initially released through independent label Joyface Records and caught the attention of several major labels including Interscope. “The process of getting signed was such a crazy moment in time,” she remembers. “For starters, it was hard to take everything in because the world was in a state of flux—from the pandemic, to the protests around the globe.” Honored by the blessing in the midst of chaos, Jenevieve opted to hold off on her good news for a while. “It’s a big reason why we decided not to announce anything,” she says with sincerity. “It felt weird celebrating while the world was dealing with so much.”

Now, Jenevieve is geared to bring her music to the world. With a re-release of “Baby Powder” and many more songs in the cannon, she hopes to deliver a sound and style that is reminiscent of her inspirations which range from Prince to Sade to Aaliyah. This is years in the making, yet Jenevieve is just getting started. “I just know that I am so ready for whatever comes my way,” she says. “I’ve been preparing a long time for this, and my deal with Interscope is going to push everything to the next level...and I'm always ready for that.”