Expo Seminars

In the hunt for a competitive edge?   Searching for some breakthrough ideas?
In the market for new business opportunities?

Look No Further. At Amusement Expo International 2016, Your Gateway to Success...Starts Right Here!

A full day of FREE educational sessions, the program will include topics designed for street operators, family entertainment center owner/managers and others engaged in the commercial amusement, games and entertainment industries.

Expo Education Day: Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

8-8:30 a.m.              Wake up with some complimentary coffee and start the morning with some conversation among industry peers.

8:30-9:15 a.m.         2016 Amusement Expo International Keynote Presentation,
                                   featuring Entertainment Industry Entrepreneur O. Lee Mincey.
O. Lee Mincey, President of Oliver Mincey Co., is an energetic entrepreneur who provides human resources and employee training services to the entertainment industry.

For more than two decades, O. Lee has been involved with some of the most iconic entertainment brands in the world, including Coca-Cola, Disney, Six Flags and Live Nation Entertainment. His expertise extends from attraction and theme park operations management to executive level human resources leadership.

During his Expo Keynote, he will cover a range of timely topics that encompass management, employee engagement and company culture issues.

9:30-10:30 a.m.         Two Concurrent Sessions

  • For FEC Owners and Managers: “Don't Become A Statistic! Avoid The Ten Most Common Mistakes In Entertainment Center Development Today,” presented by Jerry Merola – Alpha Omega, CFO and Partner of Amusement Entertainment Management, East Brunswick, NJ

Creating a new, or managing an existing family entertainment center, can be a fun and rewarding experience, but a series of missteps can forever taint a venue's performance and lead to failure. In this session, former banker and industry specialist Jerry Merola will outline the key processes and strategies most commonly overlooked by entertainment developers today, while providing a detailed overview of the practices that most consistently deliver success.

  • For Street Operators (and all engaged in selling their brand): “Seventeen Things You Can Do Today to Sell More Tomorrow,” presented by Brian Offenberger, president, Right On—No Bull Marketing, Scottsdale, AZ.

You’re pressed for time and budgets are thin. So, how do you take your sales to the next level? In this high-impact session, you’ll discover a number (17 to be exact) of easy-to-implement ways to generate greater sales.

Come learn how to: get more sales leads from the Internet; use the marketing dollars of others to get sales leads for YOUR company; generate leads from social media; and sell more to existing customers. This isn’t the “same old, same old” approach to selling. It’s a fresh, effective and innovative perspective incorporating new technology as tools to grow your business.

10:45-11:45 a.m.           Two Concurrent Sessions 

  • For Street Operators: “People Power: How to Maximize Your Most Important Resource,” presented by Angi Shamblin, vice president, HR Strategic Development and Nicole Tedrow, chief legal counsel, Associated Industries, Spokane, WI.

So, you think you’re covered when it comes to employment practices and H.R. issues in your company? Well, think again! There are a whole host of key topics that likely haven’t made the pages of your employee policy handbooks that could make you vulnerable in this rapidly-evolving and expanding employment space…where free enterprise intersects with state and federal law.

This free-flowing session will provide plenty of thought-provoking information for you to take back to your shop.

  • For FEC Owners/Managers: “Dave & Busters—Gateway to Continued Success: A Case Study,” presented by Kevin Bachus, Senior Vice President, Entertainment & Games Strategy, Dave & Busters, Dallas, TX.

You will receive a surprisingly candid and detailed look inside how Dave and Buster’s approaches making major decisions regarding changes and growth within their organization. Kevin will be sharing details about how problem/opportunity areas are evaluated at multiple levels. He will be presenting this in a case study format using examples from their journey to become a ticketless environment.

12-1:30 p.m.                 Expo Education Day Luncheon/Networking Session

Yes, there is such a thing as a “free lunch.” Experience it for yourself and enjoy a relaxing interlude between morning and afternoon educational sessions…which are also FREE!

1:30-2:30 p.m.              Two Concurrent Sessions

  • For Street/Route Operators AND FEC Owners/Managers: “How to Approach Opportunities for a Small Footprint FEC in an Unattended Location,” a panel program featuring a diverse trio of operators:

--Tim Zahn, American Amusement Arcades (AAA), Bloomington, MN;
--Steven Veach, Bowlmor/AMF, New York, NY; and
--Jim Marsh, Hart Novelty, Inc., Bellingham, WA

These three experienced operators will break down the process of evaluating and then creating a small footprint FEC utilizing a self-contained prize center. We want to invite all show attendees to this session regardless if your background is street operations or FEC operations, you will learn about this important growth segment of our industry. The panel of presenters will cover the process of evaluating potential locations based on size and foot traffic, you will be given advice on how to negotiate with the location so that it works favorably for both parties and finally you will get advice on what mix of equipment has worked well for others. This session will end with an open forum and questions will be encouraged.

  •  For Both FEC Owners/Managers and Street/Route Operators: “How to Find New Customers Using Social Media,” by Brian Offenberger, president, Right On—No Bull Marketing, Scottsdale, AZ.

In his second presentation on Expo Education Day 2016, Brian will help you discover how to build a marketing and selling system that generates a consistent supply of leads and sales using social media. Attendees will learn: four free and easy ways to find new business using Facebook and LinkedIn; effective ways to approach new prospects to develop leads and generate sales; how to use LinkedIn Groups to make more sales; and a step-by-step daily process for gaining more sales leads using social media.


2:45-3:45 p.m.               Two Concurrent Sessions

  • For FEC Owners/Managers: “A Debate Covering Hot Topics Within the World of Family Entertainment Centers,” a panel program featuring:

--Rick Kirby, Betson Enterprises;
--Frank Seninsky, Amusement Entertainment Management, East Brunswick, NJ; and
--George McAuliffe, Pinnacle Entertainment Advisors by Redemption Plus, Lenexa, KS
Hosted and moderated by Joe Camarota, Alpha-Omega, East Brunswick, NJ

Sharing the stage will be some very recognized names and personalities who collectively represent virtually all segments of our industry- manufacturing, distributing, operation and prize counters. There will be spontaneous questions posed to the group to get them talking and sharing their opinions about everything from equipment trends, prize markups, cost of doing business, management styles, employee conduct and many others. The audience will be encouraged to join in by asking any questions about any topic related to the world of FEC’s- nothing is off limits and this dynamic group will be excited to share their opinions on whatever is brought to the table.

  • For Street Operators: “Roundtable on Ways to Do It Better With The Equipment We Buy, Place and Service.”

The “operator roundtable” has become a popular fixture on the lineup of Expo education offerings in recent years. That’s because the format is “operators talking shop with other operators”—in a small-group setting—about issues affecting our livelihoods.

At this session, four product areas will be dissected, evaluated and discussed:
                 --ATMs—Table Captain: John Newberry, Venco Business Music, Bland, WV;
                 --Music—Table Captain—TBD;
                 --Redemption—Scott Dougherty, D & D Amusement Games, Waupaca, WI;
                 --Cashless –Chip O’Hara, Midwest Coin Concepts, Waite Park, MN

Come prepared with your questions, ideas and input that will make the roundtables at our 2016 Expo a “must-attend” session once again!

4-5 p.m.               Two Concurrent Sessions

  • For Street Operators: “Street Smarts: Rapid-Fire Roundup on Management Tips,” a panel session featuring:

          --Chip O’Hara, Midwest Coin Concepts, Waite Park, MN
          --Tim Zahn, American Amusement Arcades (AAA), Bloomington, MN;
          --Mark Phinney, C & N Sales, Mankato, MN;
          --Rick LaFleur, I.F. LaFleur & Son, Devils Lake, ND;

  • For FEC Owners/Manager: “Hang Time With The Three Amigos…10X Better,” featuring: 

         --Rick Iceberg, CJ Barrymores, Clinton Township, MI;
         --Ben Jones, Live Oak Bank, Rochester Hills, MI; and
         --George Smith, Family Entertainment Group, Barrington, IL

Back to wind up Expo Education Day for the third year in a row, Rick, Ben and George have gained a strong following in the FEC community by expressing their candid views on the issues, through their high-energy, fast-paced delivery and from providing valuable content…in the form of usable ideas and information.

Always spontaneous, often fun, seldom shy and never boring, be ready to hang on during hang time with the Three Amigos.

5-7 p.m.                     All Industry Gala

Open to all registered attendees and exhibitors (bring your admission badge) of both the Amusement Expo International and the National Bulk Vending Association Show, the Gala marks the official kickoff of the 2016 events. Come network, visit and party with your friends…and meet some new ones at this always enjoyable Expo experience.